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For all your UPVC plastic fence posts and chain needs

Here at the Little Post & Chain Company we manufacture all of our UPVC plastic posts ourselves ensuring our customers get great value and a quality product designed to last and give you enjoyment for many years. We also believe that the more you buy the cheaper it should be, so all order above 20 posts will automatically save 10% per post.

We sell both 6mm & 8mm chains in a huge range of in stock colours and can also arrange special orders for any combination of colours you may need. We always carry stock of; red & white and yellow and black chains for Health & Safety or commercial applications. Next day delivery available.

We know that claiming premium quality at an unbeatable price can raise an eyebrow, however, our products really do deliver on both.

Not all plastic chains are equal, so don’t be fooled by any false price promises you see, you get what you pay for is always true! We are proud that all of our chain is manufactured from polypropylene and is UV stable unlike a lot of chain you might find online. That means our chain will not discolour or become brittle due to the sunlight. Don’t just take our word for our quality though; we are so confident in our chain that we have a free sample service, allowing you to judge for yourself before ordering. We have customer here in the UK and abroad that have had and are still using our chains for over 15 years.

To ensure we have you covered from start to finish of your project, we also have a selection of accessories in stock and are only an e-mail or phone call away should you need help.

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