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Health and Safety Plastic Chains and Posts.

When you need to cordon off an area to disallow access for a period of time, then our Health and Safety chains are the perfect solution. These can be applied on hooks around a solid structure and remain in place indefinitely.

The most common colour combinations of Health and Safety chains are either red and white or yellow and black. We always carry stock of these and they can be purchased off the shelf in 5, 10 and 25-meter packs, with next day delivery to mainland UK available if ordered before our cut off time.

We can of course, supply any combination of colours you need. You may wish to keep within your company branding and just cordon off a non-dangerous section of a building that’s undergoing development or decoration in company colours.

Our Health and Safety chains are all made from high quality polypropylene and is UV stable unlike a lot of chain you might find online. This assures on any outdoor applications, your chain will resist fading or turning brittle in sunny locations.

Portable posts now in stock

To compliment our range of Health and Safety chains we have introducing a range of high quality UPVC freestanding posts. These will allow users a simple yet highly effective solution to cordon off an area quickly. This may be to contain spills or any danger, enabling you to keep the public and your staff safe.

In cases of ad hoc maintenance, our portable posts combined with our Health and Safety chains are ideal to place a physical barrier around any workers and isolating the area from public access, allowing effective and safe maintenance or repairs.

To view our range of Health and Safety chains then click here.