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Our plastic post & chain fencing solutions are available in a variety of sizes, colours and methods of installation, below is a brief description of each type of post and suggestions on how/where they could be used.

Our Premier Posts are available in two fixing options – Ground fix for when a Permanent post is required and Socket fix for when you may need to remove certain posts for vehicle access or cutting the grass etc without having to strim round each post (A mixture of both posts can be used on the same installation)

Our Temporary Posts offer easy installation due to the wooden stake that is driven into the ground which the post then slides over, these posts can be used time and time again in outdoor exhibitions (hence the name) or can be left as a permanent post as the stakes are pressure treated against rot and fungal decay.

Our Verge Markers are a ideal post to stop unwanted parking on grass verges outside your home, these will replace the tired looking timber posts you often see in need of painting or the big rocks placed on grass verges and as they are UPVC like all of our posts they require nothing more than a quick wash with soapy water if they start to look dirty.

Our Freestanding Exhibition Posts are a new product for 2016 in our plastic post & chain fencing range and offer the ability to easily cordon off areas/direct the flow of traffic around events due to them being a freestanding product with no installation needed. They are lightweight and easy to transport/assemble and the base is hollow to allow them to be filled with sand/gravel for added stability.

New for 2017 are our Quick-fix 1 & 2 plastic posts, both of these posts offer very quick and easy installation in grass/soil. The Quick-fix 1 post is really aimed at customers requiring a cost effective and simple post and chain fencing solution for outdoor exhibitions/shows and events. The Quick-fix 2 post is a larger, more substantial post with the same fixing method but one that could also be used by the domestic homeowner who just requires a very simple to install, non permanent plastic post & chain fencing solution.

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