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Plastic Posts and Chains for Show and Event Applications

If you’re putting on a show or event on private grounds or even inside, then there will always be areas you don’t want people to access. Our plastic chains are the perfect, cost effective solution to quickly section off such areas, as well as being used to keep people moving in the areas and flow of direction you need them to.

Available in a range of colours, getting what you need is easy and most are in stock for next day delivery. You can add diamonds onto your chains to create a feature and choose between 8mm and 6mm in sizes of links. (diamonds are only available for our 8mm chains) The chain is easily secured via hooks and eyes, with no limitation to length.   Our plastic chains come in standard packs of, 5, 10 and 25-meter lengths. Should you need a bigger run than 25 meters, you can join them by purchasing one of our joining link packs, containing 10 joining links in colours to match the chains you have. Hooks and eyes are also available to purchase, perfect for having in place ready for the chain to be quickly hung when required.

If your show or event contains potentially dangerous items such as electrics and generators, then our red and white or black and yellow Health & Safety chain is the perfect solution to act as a deterrent. Manufactured in the universal colours signifying there’s a danger present, you can be confident that you are compliant with regulations. Ready made and always in stock for fast delivery it makes us the perfect choice for event organisers.

All of our chain is manufactured from polypropylene and is UV stable unlike a lot of chain you might find online. That means our chain will resist discolouring or becoming brittle due to the sunlight. Don’t just take our word for our quality though; we are so confident in our chain that we have a free sample service, allowing you to judge for yourself before ordering.